a Prince

La Romanée becomes Romanée-Conti Louis-Francois de Bourbon, Prince of Conti (1717-1776) purchased La Romanée in 1760. Amongst his many other titles, he is Lord of Nuits and of Argilly, with huge estates there. He became owner of La Romanée, at a price ten times that of Clos de Bèze quite simply because he already knew and dreamed of its extraordinary qualities and virtues.
La Romanée, was both renowned and celebrated and she was to bewitch the heart of a prince of the Blood, dismissing favourites and mistresses alike to live a fairy tale life with he who had kidnapped her. Named Bourbon-Condé through his mother's family, Louis-Francois distinguished himself during his military campaigns and his brilliant spirit, becoming diplomatic advisor to Louis XV
and living in great style in his Chateau of Isle-Adam, at the Temple precinct in Paris or at his set of rooms in Versailles. "He was the only Prince of the Blood who had a taste for science and literature, and who was an orator, wrote Madame de Genlis. He possessed a beauty of face and body with impeccable manners. No-one could compliment with greater grace or elegance. He was the most magnificent of our Princes."
He was also the defender of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, champion of regional freedoms. He watched closely over his domaine at Vosne and took enormous care of it. Both Lavish patron and arbiter of taste, he served only (Romanée) this wine at his table. On his death, la Romanée descended to his son Louis-Francois-Joseph (1734-1814), Prince de Conti and Count of Marche.
Stripped of all his estates by the (French) Revolution, he died in Spain whilst his vineyard is sold as "national asset". It is only now that, after a connection of less than 30 years, the name of la Romanée is united with that of Conti. This name has died out. And yet it remains immortal courtesy of the Academies both at the Quai Conti French Institute and at La Romanée-Conti in Burgundy.

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