In the celebrated panegyric of the orator Eumène, dated in 312, we are told that some 2000 years ago, wines much sought after by Romans and Gallo-Romans connoisseurs were already being produced. And from this period also began the long and great history of "climats" and of viticulture unique to Burgundy which have taken to its absolute limit the desire to anchor wine to its specific origin.
There are hundred of "climats" in Burgundy identified by name. Their history unites the traditions and practices of the human spirit with characteristics and limitations of a natural ecosystem. Some of these "climats" have always been noted, recognized and praised for their ability, year after year to produce the most perfect wines.
On the hills that embrace them, they occupy the most favoured sites in the heart of the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits, where the soils and weather conditions are the most auspicious. It gives them a special ability to absorb and finesse the climatic vagaries with which the region is not lacking and allows them to attain, year after year and more than any of the other vineyards
that encircle them, a complete and harmonious ripening. These are the Grands Crus, exceptional vineyards that enjoy vast respect and which represent in both red and white wines, barely 1% of the surface and less than 1% of Burgundy's production. This respect would of course
not be merited without the specific and critical understanding that the vigneron's work is focussed solely on realising their full potential. This is the mission the Domaine sets itself: from generation to generation and guided by a restless pursuit of excellence to effect and perpetuate the means to make their Grands Crus, the greatest in Burgundy:
Romanée-Conti, La Tache, Richebourg, Romanée-St-Vivant, Grands-Echezeaux, Echezeaux, Montrachet and since 2009 Corton - producing wines of a quality that strive of their potential and their reputation. The terms of reference in this work are both simple and complex but entail as a priority: - Respect for the soil and a keen awareness of a precious but fragile
patrimony of natural conditions the balance of which alone can express this gift. A "climat" is a living thing bound to an extraordinarily precise dynamic which you must respect and preserve in a spirit of profound humility. - The selection and propagation of Pinot Noir "très fin" inherited from the old Romanée-Conti vineyard, an incomparable genetic legacy
whose finesse and complexity determine the purity of the wines produced. - The quality of the team of men and women to whom have been entrusted the work and whose key words are: thoroughness, attention to detail, control of the practices, precision, patience and possibly above all, humility.

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